How To Minimize and Reverse Sun Damages

Unprotected hours in the sun could bring more harm than good despite the fun that comes with it. Summer is a fun period that everybody occasionally looks forward to with much enthusiasm. The sun does not only affect those that spend hours in the sun but also those who spend few minutes going to grab lunch or going to the office. After damages have occurred and you are desperate on how to get rid of the wrinkles and spots caused by sun rays, there are ways to reverse the damage.

Consider Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a treatment that is responsible for pairing a photo-synthesizing medication with the presence of light so as to treat sun damage and pre cancerous cells. Seek professional advice because this is a medical way of fighting sun damages. An hour is the period of time that this treatment takes. It is an important treatment because it prevents skin cancer.

Use Chemical Peels

The advantages of using chemical peels are vast. They remove the top layer of the skin which results into the reduction of wrinkles, dealing with the problem of uneven pigmentation and spots and uneven texture. You should visit a dermatologist from this site to advice on the right choice of peel that will be right for your skin type.

Laser Applications

There are several kinds of lasers that can be used to reduce sun damage. Laser treatments give the best results when applied to the whole face, jaw line and hairline. There are different laser types. Some of the examples are light-based lasers, fractionated lasers and ablative lasers. They all work differently but do the same purpose which is to minimize sun damage.

Consider Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is advised because the sun will always strike back even after you get treatments to reduce sun burns. It is your duty to find ways to keep the sun at bay by using sun screens and having on hats whenever you go out during the day. It is advisable to visit your doctor for maintenance laser treatments after a while.

Consider Topical Antioxidants

Antioxidants repair the skin from within. They are applied directly on the face and neck for effective results. They penetrate and take care of your skin. There are natural antioxidants like using yogurt and honey to make facial mask that will serve the same purpose as the ones in cosmetic shops like .